The Kourabie cookie  (kurabiye in Turkish) is a sweet which is common in the East, but its basic recipe has its roots in Western patisserie. It is essentially a biscuit, similar to the English shortbread, the basic recipe of which consists of one part sugar, two parts butter, and three parts flour.

The recipe for Kourabie cookies was brought to Greece by the refugees from Smyrna, and with the addition of confectionary sugar, they became a sweet delicacy famous in many Greek regions.

In Kavala, the recipe for Kourabie cookies arrived with the refugees from Cappadocia, soon became a local favorite, and led to the development of local bakeries producing the traditional sweet.

What makes Kourabie cookies from Kavala so unique and acclaimed is the excellent quality butter which lends them a crisp and fluffy texture.

The almond is coarsely chopped and roasted just right to retain its aromas, while the flour and vanilla blend well with the recipe of the famous authentic kourabie cookie.


Marmelo was founded in the city of Kavala in 2011. Since then, three young people who are passionate about confectionery and about the traditions of their region, create fresh sweets and pastries every day, using only the finest ingredients.

Here, you will taste the famous Kourabie Cookies from Kavala which are made according to the old local recipe. However, Marmelo also offers this traditional delicacy in more modern versions, such as Kourabie Cookies with Mastic flavor, or Mini Bites Kourabie Cookies.


(Marmelo has been successful in developing its wholesale business.

Its range of wholesale products with an emphasis on their local character and the traditions of Northern Greece is suitable for traders (delicatessen, groceries and other sales outlets) as well as wholesalers, and is available at competitive wholesale prices.