Celebrating 110 years of unparalleled hospitality, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel marks a significant milestone as it prepares to open its doors for the new season.

This year not only commemorates the anniversary of its illustrious history but also signifies a continuation of its legacy in providing curated experiences for its esteemed guests.

Included in Condé Nast Traveler's Gold List for 2024 featuring The Best Hotels and Resorts in the World, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel stands as a testament to the enduring allure of Spetses as it embarks on another season of welcoming visitors to its timeless elegance.


Back in 1914: The chronicle of Poseidonion Grand Hotel's beginnings

The story began in the summer of 1914, a timeless tale of grace unfolded on the picturesque island of Spetses with the opening of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel.

Established by the visionary benefactor Sotirios Anargyros, whose dedication shaped much of Spetses' evolution, the hotel swiftly emerged as a beacon of cosmopolitan charm. Its debut  marked a pivotal moment in the island's history, as it quickly  garnered attention  as a beloved destination for aristocrats, royalty, and prominent figures, solidifying its status as an iconic landmark.


A new era unveiled

Since its debut, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel has drawn an eclectic crowd, attracting affluent Athenians, renowned foreigners, prime ministers, and royalty.

Notable figures such as Eleftherios Venizelos, Greece's Prime Minister from 1910 to 1920 and again from 1928 to 1932, as well as Prince Nikolaos, son of former Greek King Constantine, whose wedding to Tatiana Blatnik took place at the Poseidonion in 2010, have graced its halls.

Resurrected from a bygone era, the hotel's narrative embodies resilience and renewal. Its original establishment in 1914 marked a milestone, introducing groundbreaking amenities like the Balkans' first provision of hot water.

Following periods of decline, meticulous restoration and expansion efforts have reinstated its position as a pinnacle of international appeal.


After an intensive five-year restoration project that paid homage to its architectural legacy while incorporating modern updates, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel reopened its doors in the summer of 2009.

This revitalisation signalled  the beginning of a new chapter, attracting a new generation of guests in search of refined hospitality.


Antonis Vordonis, Managing Director of Poseidonion Grand Hotel, shares “As we commemorate this milestone anniversary, we are deeply moved and honoured to have pioneered the next chapter of the Poseidonion's legacy, adding our unique touch to its rich tapestry.

It is a profound privilege to be entrusted with continuing the tradition of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel, a bastion of refined luxury and enduring tranquillity.

As a vital component of our voyage and a never-ending source of inspiration, our relationship to Spetses, a treasured sanctuary of aristocratic splendour and sophisticated attractiveness, elicits strong feelings in us”.


A favourite destination in a timeless setting

With its charming rooms and inviting suites, many featuring private gardens or balconies, the hotel provides guests with enchanting views of the picturesque Dapia port and the endless sea.

With its own mansion heritage, the hotel stands as an artefact of yesteryear, embodying a timeless elegance that has made it a favourite destination for those seeking a contemporary yet classic hospitality experience.

The accommodations, whether overlooking the sea or nestled amidst lush gardens, emit a tranquil atmosphere that reflects  the island's radiant light, enveloping guests in a timeless blend of heritage and natural beauty.


Sustainable Gastronomy: From farm to table philosophy

At the heart of Poseidonion Grand Hotel's culinary philosophy lies a commitment to sustainability and community connection, exemplified by its holistic approach to gastronomy.

This year, the hotel introduces its new Chef, Ilias Kiazoli, whose culinary expertise elevates the dining experience. In addition to its organic farm, Bostani, Poseidonion Grand Hotel offers a variety of unique dining venues to cater to every palate.

From the vibrant ambiance of The Palms Bar in the famous courtyard of the hotel to the elegant setting of On the Verandah restaurant and the relaxed atmosphere of Library Brasserie, each venue offers a distinct gastronomic  experience that reflects the richness of Greek gastronomy, fostering an inviting atmosphere.


Beyond hospitality: Poseidonion Grand Hotel's unique venues

Poseidonion Grand Hotel offers a diverse range of venues to cater to every guest's desires. Ciné Titania, an open-air cinema, revives nostalgic evenings with aromatic basil scents and classic movies, accompanied by delectable snacks and drinks.

The Bertram 26 Sport, the hotel's private luxury speedboat offers high-end boat tours for exploring the hidden gems of the Saronic Gulf, providing an exclusive sea-bound adventure tailored to individual preferences. Meanwhile, the Pine Estate property stands as a breathtaking retreat atop a forested cape, boasting panoramic views and private beach access, ideal for serene getaways.

Finally, Paradise Beach presents a laid-back yet sophisticated atmosphere, offering all-day enjoyment with crystal-clear waters, signature cocktails, and gourmet dining options, making it the epitome of a summer escape.


Continuing its collaboration with Artion Galleries, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel reaffirms its dedication to artistry. This season, a distinct exhibition of inspired artworks will be presented, thoughtfully curated to infuse the hospitality experience with a sense of creative elegance.


A beacon of Greek hospitality and cultural enrichment

As the Poseidonion Grand Hotel gears up for the upcoming season, it remains not only a symbol of Greek hospitality but also a driving force behind numerous initiatives on the island of Spetses.

With a legacy spanning over a century, the Poseidonion continues to play a vital role in the cultural development of the region. This season, guests can anticipate an array of events and activities, including Easter celebrations, the Classic Car Rally, Armata festivities, Weekend in Tweed and much more.

From cultural and sports initiatives to entertainment and promotion, the Poseidonion remains at the forefront, enriching the experience of its visitors while contributing to the growth and vitality of Spetses and Greece as a whole.


More about Poseidonion Grand Hotel

For more than a century, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel has served as Spetses' most recognisable landmark. Known as the "jewel of Spetses," the hotel dates back to 1914 and is characterised by its architectural style inspired by the French Riviera. Following an extensive renovation program in 2009, Poseidonion reopened as a luxurious hotel befitting 21st-century standards. Guests are accommodated in 44 rooms and 8 suites, all elegantly decorated with respect to the building's history. Positioned at the heart of Spetses' social life, Poseidonion plays a dominant role in most cultural and sports events on the island. It has also developed a distinct gastronomic philosophy, using locally sourced ingredients and organic products from its farm. The hotel offers beauty and wellness services at the Idolo spa and fully equipped gym. It can host business and social events as well as weddings in a variety of different venues while providing catering services.


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