In November of 2012 the English version of Living Postcards embarked upon the difficult task of compiling a variety of new enterprises that collectively would depict “The Νew Face of Greece”. The daunting goal was to assimilate an all-encompassing data base of fresh and unique start-ups primarily comprised of exquisite hospitality venues, emerging musicians and artists, fashion and jewellery designers, producers of organic gastronomic and cosmetic products all born from the rich bounty and nature of Greece. This compilation of young cutting-edge entrepreneurs with their unique products and services would provide the knowledgeable connoisseur with a new image. The ultimate goal would be to unravel the old stereotypical images and to bring forth a refreshing new image and dimension. This new persona would adhere and respect the traditional values while at the same time expound on the gigantic strides of those that chose to dare in a climate of uncertainty and crisis. The Living Postcards endeavour rapidly sparked a plethora of global interest. Strategic partnerships ensued with dynamic sites from abroad such as,, HuffpostGreece, New Diaspora, Adorn Magazine from India to name a few , all having the goal of showcasing the cutting-edge products and services depicted within the Living Postcards platform .These actions were followed by the professional representation and strategic placement of these products and services for easy access to the end-user consumer.


A natural evolution of the Living Postcards showcasing of these products and services was the planning of interactive events, media sponsorships and global presentations. These actions would further support and expound the energy and dynamic of the new Greek entrepreneur and afford the attendees of these events to meet and interact with these individuals and their products and services. To facilitate all these endeavours, Living Postcards provides today a well-heeled production team comprised of professional writers, photographers, directors, and bloggers all scouring throughout Greece constantly seeking out “The New Face” of this ravaged land. Once identified, these persevering entrepreneurs and their products are showcased, guided, supported and promoted via a variety of social media channels and efforts.

In the very near future, Living Postcards is in the planning stages of a variety of further promotional endeavours. The next tier of support would be the development of a constantly evolving and physically traveling “pop up store” that would “transport and transpose” this message throughout Greece and abroad…..blaring this is “The Νew Face of Greece".

The last years with the crisis in our lives, and the big financial insecurity many people started to ''think outside the box''. 
Update on the political issues brought up the necessity to believe in our talents and our people while reinforcing their strongest will to build their future based on their own power.
For us, crisis, brought the sense of creativity in difficult times. The resounding response to those who believe that the economic crisis has reduced talent, or dreams for progress. The smell of young people, intensely left behind them, that of the fresh ingredients, transformed into design masterpieces, and that this is the beginning of a new Greece. And that's the whole meaning of the Living Postcards global platform .
Join us.


Iliada Kothra

Founder- Editor in Chief