Villa Malvazia with 450 sq. m, was initially built in Keramoutsi village in 1925, and in 2003 was completely restored. The name “Malvazia” comes from the Latin word Malvesin which is an attack machine used in Middle Ages.

Also a Castle in Keramoutsi called Malvicino, was very inspiring. The Villa is surrounded by more than 100 different kinds of trees in a total 6 acre of magnificent natural land, with beautiful walking trails.

Occupying a dazzling, 4acre Private land, immersed in Green, Malvazia Grand Estate glimmers with the promise of discretion and seclusion. Explore the pristine wilderness, protected, restored and brought back to thrilling life, ultimately designed for togetherness.

An organic approach to design, creating beautiful interiors filled  with comfort and wit, while artfully and subtly referencing the fascinating lifestyle of authentic Crete.