With a history of over 300 years, Imerovigli, was one of the most picturesque settlements of Santorini, until about the mid 1950's.

Unfortunately, a devastating earthquake in 1956 destroyed that architectural wonder and the Army Core of Engineers was called in to cover the rubble with dirt. It took passion, inspiration and meticulous work from some people, who decided to unearth the destroyed homes and restore them for the old glory of Imerovigli to shine again.

Two of these people, Rena and Takis Adamidis shared that passion: 50 years ago, they chose to create their own sanctuary, by restoring one of the few old dwellings that survived the devastation. .

Fast forward to 2010, where their son Philip Adamidis gave new shape to the family vision, by transforming their estate into a luxury resort:

He used the most technologically advanced restoration methods to combat the humidity effect of the earth and completely cancel the "mildew feeling" that is typical of underground structures.

With full respect to the aesthetics and the distinctive characteristics of the cycladic architecture he created a modern building. The "green" logic and "smart home" concepts for the buildings together with high level amenities, offer the ultimate comfort of the 21st century.