Efcharis and Nikos Paltoglou lucky enough to grow up in the ceramics workshop which their father had established in Athens, were enchanted from a young age with this magical substance of soil and water, bringing them closer to both the past and present of humanity.

Therefore it was a natural evolution for both to become involved in ceramics despite their tertiary education in Graphic Design and Multimedia respectively. Their ceramics workshop got its name Homatino from the etymology of the word homatino meaning made of fine-grained earth (soil) or clay

Finding inspiration in primitive objects of use by human civilization, they create moulds with various techniques such as coil built, slab built, and wheel throwing, transforming the earthy and raw clay into a timeless material with a resilience to the decomposition of time, despite its fragile nature.

Their sensitive and creative mood has taught them to work harmoniously, spontaneously and in keeping with their emotions, reminding us that sometimes the best results arise from absolute coincidence, and not meticulous design.



“I enjoy creating objects, kneading and constructing with my hands. The irregularities and idiosyncrasies which occasionally come about during the procedure of construction are elements that add to the uniqueness and elegance of the objects, imperfections which make each handmade piece individual.

I decorate my creations with engraved patterns from the prehistoric Greek and international culture, painting with clay slips and oxides, creating my personal code.”



“I have always enjoyed the power image has, therefore from early on I became involved in the glazing technique. Interested in an earthy and organic appearance, I often choose either monochrome as a clear expression or the coming together of two colours – leaving surfaces bare and rough – in this way promoting contrast. Slight imperfections and marks which you may find, depict the unique creative process of each piece – one of a kind.”